February 16, 2016

A BA’s approach to lean strategy execution

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Business stakeholders want projects to deliver fast. They often come to the project team with a clear view of the solution, expecting a quick start and not leaving much room or time for challenging and proposing alternatives. However, this mind set carries with it an important risk: blindly building the proposed solution does not guarantee business value.

People in a BA role (like business analysts and architects, but also product managers, process owners, customer journey managers and so on) often have the analytical skills and corporate overview to put the proposed solution in perspective and identify potential pitfalls hindering the proposed solution from delivering value. More importantly, they usually are well positioned in the organisation to connect the dots between the stakeholder’s goals and the solution implementation.

Four steps to lean strategy execution

But how do you leverage this knowledge and position to define better projects and help your stakeholders achieve better results? Carefully listening to your stakeholders to make sure you know their reasoning is a first important step. Before questioning the proposed solution, you really want to build rapport and understand how they see their solution help achieve their goals.

Building on this understanding, three key aspects effectively help the BA make the shift from solution implementation to lean strategy execution:

  • Pin down goals: When will the project be considered successful?
  • Expose enablers: How will the proposed solution help achieve these goals?
  • Identify and validate hypotheses: Are we really sure the proposed solution is the right one?

The first two bullets specify how your project executes part of the enterprise strategy. The third bullet brings in the lean aspect: it helps you detect ineffective solutions early on, minimising the risk of wasted investments.

You can read more about how to do this in this post.

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