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As technology keeps evolving, the opportunities for making your customers’ lifes better keep growing. Making things easier, faster, simpler, cheaper, or exceeding expectations more regularly, digitalisation makes it possible. Sounds pretty straightforward, but in reality, this proves to be rather challenging. It requires organisations to question their approach and shift from inside-out to outside-in thinking.

Let me share some examples with you.

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While spending some time in Rio for facilitating a business case training, I got to see quite a lot of surfers (mostly before work hours, mind you). At the same time, I came across a video about the Samsung Galaxy Surfboard. The video shows a surfboard with a LED display, enabling the surfer to check weather and water conditions, like the frequency of waves, and to receive text messages. It’s a nice example of how technology can be integrated in just about any aspect of our life.

This demonstrates how digital transformation is blending online and offline worlds, or analog and digital worlds, into a single human experience. It shows how technology has become a powerful enabler for improving our lives. But technology still is just that: an enabler.

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Google+ is live for about a month now, and after the initial set of invites and follows going back and forward, it has been disapointingly silent in my circles. That may be because in Belgium, people typically catch on only slowly when it comes to online stuff, or because I just don’t have enough friends. Whatever the reason, I don’t believe Google+ has what it takes to outperform Facebook when it comes to informal online communication. And I don’t think it should try to.

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