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kick-start innovation

In a workshop with your team, we apply the Innovation Canvas to your idea. The result is a clear view on your idea's opportunities and assumptions, and a plan for the next steps to take.

Some of the challenges we tackle:

  • Shift from product thinking to customer thinking
  • Turn a “we believe” mindset into a “what are our assumptions & how can we validate them” mindset
  • Connect with the established organisation’s way of working, engaging more conservative stakeholders without hindering creativity

Our think — shape — try approach facilitates your organisation's innovation process, from ideation to value creation. It lets you take a validation driven approach, building customer feedback and agility into idea development right from the beginning. Real life examples and results will get you started.

This workshop can also be done with facilitators in your organisation, like business analysts or service designers. Afterwards, they will be able to apply the innovation canvas and think — shape — try approach in-house with your teams.

Contact us for an in-house workshop.

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our approach

Throughout our workshops, we introduce new ideas, techniques and methods to inspire you and bring everyone's knowledge to the same level.

We combine examples, theory and discussions and apply everything to your own case.

Our workshops combine analysis techniques, facilitation techniques and collaboration methods that enable you to achieve great results with your team and stakeholders.

Filip thought along strongly with the specific cases of our business.
Natalie Picard, Project Manager, at an in-house workshop at Farmad
Plenty of practical work and examples to keep everyone’s interest. Good interaction with attendees.
Business Analysis Conference Europe 2017 delegate
This talk was well constructed and had some great key points. The examples were salient and easy to embrace. Mr. Hendrickx shared a very simple, compelling process with templates that I will be able to take back and share with my team.
Building Business Capability 2017 delegate

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